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These JOB SPECIFICATIONS are for informational purpose only and the jobs that they describe are not necessarily open for application.  To see the Current Job Openings Click on the Job Openings Link on the Left.

The JOB TITLES are listed below in alphabetical order.  Please Click on the appropriate letter below to view the Job Title(s).
To View the JOB SPECIFICATION just Click on the desired JOB TITLE.



Account Clerk
Account Clerk Typist
Accounting Supervisor Grade A - Director Fiscal Management
Accounting Supervisor Grade A
Accounting Supervisor Grade B
Addiction Counselor (CASAC)
Administrative Aide
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant II
Aging Services Representative
Airport Manager
Animal Control Officer
Assessment Records Clerk
Assessment Records Clerk Trainee
Assistant Building Maintenance Mechanic
Assistant Building Maintenance Mechanic - Bus Driver
Assistant Civil Engineer
Assistant Coordinator of Special Program Finances
Assistant County Attorney
Assistant E&T Counselor/Coordinator
Assistant Motor Vehicle Bureau Supervisor
Assistant Public Defender
Assistant Public Defender (Family Court)
Assistant Public Works Commissioner
Assistant Public Works Superintendent
Assistant School Health and Safety Coordinator
Assistant School Lunch Manager
Assistant Social Services Computer Operations Coordinator
Assistant to Director Office for the Aging
Assistant to the Commissioner of Public Works
Assistant to the Commissioner of Social Services
Assistant to the Commissioner of Watershed Affairs
Assistant to the Director of Emergency Services
Assistant to the Director of Veterans Services
Assistant to the Executive Director of SWCD
Assistant to the Personnel Officer
Assistant to the Sheriff
Assistant to Water Superintendent
Assistant to Workers Compensation Clerk
Associate Medical Director
Audio-Visual Aide
Audio-Visual Repairperson
Audio-Visual Technician
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic II
Automotive Mechanic/Bus Driver
Automotive Mechanic Helper
Automotive Parts Clerk

COUNTY JOB TITLES - B                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Bridge Crew Leader
Bridge Construction Mechanic
Building Inspector
Building Maintenance Aide
Building Maintenance Mechanic
Building Maintenance Mechanic II
Building Maintenance Mechanic/Bus Driver
Bus Driver
Bus Monitor/Custodial Worker
Bus Monitor/Teacher Aide
Bus Driver (Office of the Aging & Veterans)
Business Manager
Business Manager (BOCES)
Bus Monitor

COUNTY JOB TITLES - C                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Case Manager (BOCES)
Case Manager (Supportive Housing)
Case Manager (Mental Health)
Case Supervisor, Grade A
Case Supervisor, Grade B
Caseworker Trainee
CDL Motor Equipment Trainer
Chauffeur (school districts)
Chemical Dependency Clinic Director
Chief Assistant Public Defender
Chief Planner
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Child Support Coordinator
Children's Program Specialist
Civil Clerk
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineering Technician
Cleaner/Bus Driver
Clerk - Machine Technician (Board of Elections)
Code Enforcement Officer
Commissioner of Public Works
Commissioner of Social Services
Commissioner of Watershed Affairs
Community Mental Health Nurse
Community Services Worker
Compost Crew Supervisor
Compost Equipment Operator
Compost Equipment Operator II
Compost Plant Director
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planner
Computer Help Desk/Trainer
Computer Operator
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Computer Programmer Trainee
Computer Programmer II
Computer Services Coordinator
Computer Technical Assistant
Computer Technician
Constable Town or Village
Coordinator of Services for the Aging
Coordinator or Special Program Finances
Corrections Corporal
Corrections First Sergeant
Corrections Lieutenant
Corrections Officer
Corrections Sergeant
County Planning Director
Court Attendant
Crane Operator
Custodial Worker
Custodial Worker/Bus Driver

COUNTY JOB TITLES - D                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Data & Budget Specialist
Data Analyst (BOCES)
Data Base Clerk
Day Care Specialist
Day Care Site Coordinator
Dental Hygienist
Deputy Commissioner Public Works/Engineering
Deputy Commissioner Public Works/Highway
Deputy Commissioner of Social Services
Deputy Director of Community Mental Health Services
Deputy Director of Emergency Services
Deputy Director Office for the Aging
Deputy Director of Veterans Service Agency
Deputy Medical Examiner

Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Town Highway Superintendent
Director of Community Mental Health Services
Director of Economic Development
Director of Emergency Services
Director of Environmental Services
Director of Facilities I
Director of Facilities II
Director of Facilities III
Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Transportation
Director of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources & Employee Relations
Director of Information Technology
Director Office for the Aging
Director of Programs
Director of Real Property Tax Services II
Director of Social Services
Director of Veterans Service Agency
Director of Weights and Measures A
Dispatcher Trainee
Dog Control Officer

COUNTY JOB TITLES - E                                             BACK TO THE TOP

E-911 Communications Supervisor
Economic Development Specialist
Economic Development Specialist Trainee
Educational Technology Program Specialist
Ems/Emergency Management Coordinator
Employee Benefit Clerk
Employment and Training Coordinator
Employment and Training Counselor
Employment and Training Director II
Employment and Training Fiscal Office Manager
Employment and Training Program Supervisor
Engineering Aide
Engineering Records Clerk
Environmental Planner
Environmental Technician
Executive Director SWCD

COUNTY JOB TITLES - F                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Farm to School Coordinator
Fire Inspector
Fiscal and Information Manager
Fiscal Manager
Food Service Helper
Food Service Helper - Bus Monitor
Food Service Helper - Custodial Worker

COUNTY JOB TITLES - G                                            BACK TO THE TOP

General Highway Supervisor
General Highway Supervisor II
GIS (Geographic Information System) Analyst
GIS (Geographic Information System) Coordinator
GIS (Geographic Information System) Technician
Graduate Professional Nurse
Grants Administrator (Villages under 5000 Population)
Grants Manager I
Grants Manager II
Graphics Aide
Graphics Designer I (BOCES)
Graphics Designer II (BOCES)

COUNTY JOB TITLES - H                                             BACK TO THE TOP      

Head Bus Driver
Head Cook
Head Custodian
Head Nurse
Head Social Services Program Specialist
Health Aide
Health Careers Coordinator (BOCES)
Health Education Program Coordinator
Health Officer
Heavy Equipment Operator
Heavy Equipment Operator II
Highway Crew Supervisor
Home and School Coordinator
Human Resource Technician
Human Resources Clerk
Human Resources Clerk (BOCES)
Human Resources Manager (BOCES)

COUNTY JOB TITLES - I                                              BACK TO THE TOP

Information Systems Manager
Interpreter for the Deaf

COUNTY JOB TITLES - J                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Junior Network Manager

COUNTY JOB TITLES - L                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Labor Relations Assistant (School)
Labor Relations Specialist (BOCES)
Landscape Architect
Legal Assistant
Legal Secretary
Librarian I
Librarian II
Library Assistant
Library Clerk
Library Page
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse (Public Health)
Long Term Care Program Specialist

COUNTY JOB TITLES - M                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Medical Auditor
Medical Audit Clerk
Medical Billing Clerk
Medical Examiner
Medical Records Clerk
Mental Health Clinician
Mental Health Community Advocacy Worker
Mental Health Program Coordinator
Mental Health Records Technician
Motor Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
Motor Equipment Operator
Motor Vehicle Bureau Supervisor
Motor Vehicle License Clerk

COUNTY JOB TITLES - N                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Network Specialist
Network Specialist (Schools & BOCES)
Network Manager
Nurse Practitioner (Family Health)
Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric)
Nurse Practitioner (School)
NY Connects Coordinator
NY Connects Specialist

COUNTY JOB TITLES - O                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Office of Long Term Care Assistant
Offset Printing Machine Operator
Offset Printing Machine Operator Trainee

COUNTY JOB TITLES - P                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Paralegal Assistant
Parking Enforcement Officer
Payroll Clerk
Payroll Coordinator
Personnel Clerk
Personnel Officer
Personnel Technician
Photocopy Aide
Photocopy Machine Operator
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physicians Assistant
Planner Trainee
Plant Manager
Police Chief
Police Clerk
Police Commissioner
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer
Police Sergeant
Principal Account Clerk
Principal Account Clerk Typist
Principal Library Clerk
Principal Social Services Program Specialist
Print Shop Foreperson
Print Shop Supervisor (BOCES)
Printer Helper
Probation Assistant
Probation Assistant II
Probation Director II
Probation Officer
Probation Officer Trainee
Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator (BOCES)
Program Manager (CROP)
Program Technician
Program Technician Trainee
Project Crew Supervisor
Public & School District Liaison
Public Defender
Public Health Director
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Programs Manager
Public Information Specialist
Public Works Superintendent (Over 5000 Population)
Public Works Superintendent (Under 5000 Population)
Purchasing Clerk
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Assistant

COUNTY JOB TITLES - Q                                             BACK TO THE TOP

COUNTY JOB TITLES - R                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Real Property Systems Coordinator
Real Property Tax GIS Technician
Records Management Specialist
Records Management Coordinator
Records Management Technician
Recreation Aide
Recreation Director
Recreation Leader
Registered Professional Nurse
Registered Professional Nurse (School)
Registrar of Vital Statistics
Rehabilitation Technician
Research Assistant
Resource Consultant

COUNTY JOB TITLES - S                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Safety and Training Manager
Safety Technician
School Business Executive
School Business Manager
School Crossing Guard
School District Liaison
School District Liaison (BOCES)
School Health and Safety Coordinator
School Lunch Manager
School Monitor
School Security Officer
School Physician
Secretary/Treasurer SWCD
Senior Account Clerk
Senior Account Clerk Typist
Senior Addiction Counselor (CASAC)
Senior Assessment Records Clerk
Senior Automotive Mechanic
Senior Automotive Mechanic II
Senior Automotive Parts Clerk
Senior Automotive Parts Clerk II
Senior Case Manager
Senior Caseworker I
Senior Caseworker II
Senior Civil Engineer
Senior Civil Engineer II
Senior Civil Clerk
Senior Clerk
Senior Community Services Worker
Senior Computer Programmer
Senior Computer Technician
Senior Dispatcher
Senior Employee Benefit Clerk
Senior Employment and Training Counselor
Senior Engineering Aide
Senior Human Resource Clerk I
Senior Investigator (Sheriff)
Senior Library Clerk
Senior Paralegal
Senior Personnel Clerk
Senior Personnel Coordinator
Senior Photocopy Machine Operator
Senior Planner
Senior Probation Officer
Senior Program Coordinator
Senior Purchasing Clerk
Senior Social Services Program Specialist
Senior Social Services Systems Coordinator
Senior Staff Social Worker
Senior Support Investigator
Senior Typist
Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Service Care Coordinator
Services Coordinator

Services Program Assistant
Sheriff Major
Sign Shop Supervisor

Sign Shop Worker
Social Services Computer Operations Coordinator
Social Services Computer Technician
Social Services Investigator
Social Services Investigator Trainee
Social Services Program Specialist
Social Services Program Specialist Trainee
Social Services Security & Safety Aide
Social Work Assistant
Social Worker
Soils and Groundwater Specialist
Solid Waste Coordinator
Solid Waste Crew Supervisor
Solid Waste Director
Solid Waste Management Center Manager
Special Education Coordinator
Speech Pathologist
Speech Therapist
Staff Development Coordinator
Staff Social Worker
Stock Clerk
Stop DWI Coordinator
Stream Program Engineer
Stream Program Professional Engineer
Stream Program Technician Aide SWCD
Stream Program Coordinator
Streamside Assistance Program Coordinator
Student Intern
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Supervising Computer Programmer/Analyst
Supervising Fiscal Officer
Supervising Probation Officer
Supervising Public Health Nurse
Supervising Social Worker (Community Mental Health)
Support Investigator
SWCD Technical Coordinator

SWMC Manager

COUNTY JOB TITLES - T                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Tax and Title Searcher
Tax Collection Supervisor
Tax Coordinator
Tax Map Supervisor
Tax Map Technician
Tax Map Technician Trainee
Teacher Aide
Technical Repair Person
Telephone Switchboard Operator
Third Party Resource Clerk
Third Party Resource Specialist
Town or Village Historian
Training and Educational Coordinator
Transfer Station Attendant
Transportation Supervisor

COUNTY JOB TITLES - U                                             BACK TO THE TOP


COUNTY JOB TITLES - V                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Village Streets Superintendent

COUNTY JOB TITLES - W                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Watershed Affairs Coordinator
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Water Safety Instructor
Water Superintendent
Web Development Technician
Workers Compensation Clerk
Working Supervisor
Working Supervisor (Compost)
Working Supervisor (Solid Waste)

COUNTY JOB TITLES - Y                                             BACK TO THE TOP

Youth Program Director

COUNTY JOB TITLES - Z                                             BACK TO THE TOP