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Applicants may be eligible to receive additional credits in a competitive examination if they meet certain criteria. Credit of five (5) points may be received in an open competitive examination and two and a half (2.5) points on a promotional examination. If an applicant is classified as a disabled veteran an additional credit of five (5) points may be received on an open competitive examination, for a total of ten (10) points, and an additional two and one half (2.5) points on a promotional examination, for a total of five (5) points.

Criteria for Veterans’ Credit:
• Applicant is a citizen of the United States or a Lawful Permanent Alien.
• Applicant was honorably discharged or separated from the Armed Forces of the     United States.
• Applicant served in the Armed Forces during “wartime” as defined in the “Application for Veterans Credits”
• Applicant is a resident of New York State at the time application for veterans credits is made.
• Applicant has not used his/her veterans credits for permanent appointment or promotion in New York State or its civil division since January 1, 1951.

Criteria for Disabled Veterans Credit:
• Veteran was disabled while actively performing duties during “wartime”.
• Veteran is currently receiving payments for such disability, where the disability is rated at 10% or more.

To view or print the Veteran Credit forms click on the appropriate form below:

Application for Veterans Credit

Authorization For Disability Record