Safety Training Instruction

Delaware County, NY – Safety Class Requirements

Issued: 09/1/2022

Applicants must complete and submit in person to the Delaware County Pistol Clerk the application packet in its entirety prior to scheduling and/or taking any safety training course. 

Your complete application packet will go through the background check that is conducted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.  There is no set time limit that this will take to be completed.

Once the background investigation has been completed; if applicant can proceed with the application process; the applicant will be notified via certified mail that they can proceed to schedule the required safety training class.

Please note:

No safety class certificate will be accepted if dated prior to the approval of the completed background check conducted by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

Applicants must complete the required safety training course and submit to the pistol clerk the original certificate of completion within the timeframe that also is in compliance with the 6 month limit for fingerprinting!!!

If safety training course certificate is submitted to the pistol clerk after the 6 month limit, applicant may be subject to an updated back ground investigation.

The pistol clerk and or designees will not be able to provide any referrals and or recommendations to any safety training courses that are available. 

It is your responsibility to find a safety training course that complies with the NYS minimum standard requirements as established by DCJS and DSP.

Special Additional Notes

  • No Delaware County pistol permit applicant will be able to submit a training certificate prior to receiving the back ground check approval by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The applicant will receive a “clearance” notice via certified mail to proceed to scheduling the safety training course.
  • The pistol clerk and/or designees will not be able to make recommendations and/or referrals to any applicant for training course availability.