Delaware County NY

Handgun Permit Holder Information

Procedures and Responsibilities

Reviewed/Revised: 09/02/2022

General Information:

  • No permit is transferable to any other person.
  • Your permit is valid until revoked or at death; unless otherwise restricted.  Your permit is subject to review and could be suspended or revoked for just cause.
  • Your permit is valid anywhere in New York State except the City of New York.  You must also be aware of any locations, properties or places where you are prohibited from carrying a firearm, including but not limited to, schools, court houses, federal buildings, us post offices, and other locations.
  • If you can no longer claim full-time or part-time residence in New York State your permit must be surrendered.
  • You must have your permit on your person whenever you have a handgun in your possession.  If a handgun is/are found in your possession and you do not have your permit, you are subject to possible fine, incarceration, or both. 
  • Please note that the Delaware County Pistol Clerk only accepts cash, check or money order for all transactions.  Please call the Delaware County Pistol Clerk’s Office at 607-832-5461 if you have further questions.
  • All transactions of the licensee are the responsibility of the licensee, not the dealer or the individual whom the licensee is trading with.
  • All Delaware County handgun permit holders must abide by all current local, New York State and Federal gun laws, regulations and responsibilities whether or not they are included on this list.      

Purchase Coupons:

  • You may only conduct sales and purchases with properly licensed individuals or dealers.  You must provide a ‘purchase coupon’ to the seller prior to taking possession of the handgun. 
  • Register your first handgun by giving the dealer the coupon, they will keep the ‘certificate’ part of the coupon for their record.  The dealer will fill out the gun information on the coupon and hand it back to you.  You have ten (10) days to mail the coupon back to the pistol clerk.  The address is provided at the bottom of the coupon.  The handgun will be added to your record and a new license will be printed with the new handgun information on it.
  • When another purchase is contemplated, ‘purchase coupons’ are available from the pistol clerk (see fee schedule) these coupon requests are processed by mail.  Please include your name, license number and how many coupons you are requesting.  There is no limit for coupon purchase quantity.
  • A dealer needs the coupon from you in order to sell a pistol to you. If you are buying or selling to an individual, the seller needs to take the gun to a dealer and the buyer needs to go to the dealer with a coupon to pick the gun up.  The dealer will have to do a background check on the buyer.

Sale of Handgun:

  • Upon sale of a registered handgun on your license, you will need to mail a copy of the receipt of sale and the required fee (see fee schedule) to the pistol clerk within ten (10) days.  The receipt of sale must contain the complete name and address of the properly licensed individual or dealer to whom you are selling the handgun.  As well as the make, model, caliber, type (revolver, semi-auto, etc.) and serial number of the handgun.
  • Also remember if the gun is co-registered with another individual, the handgun will need to also be removed from the co-registrant license as well.  (see co-registration section for further instruction)
  • After providing the required information to the pistol clerk your record/license will be amended accordingly.


  • Do not have handguns in your possession or carry any handgun which have not been registered to you.  You may co-register handguns with certain specified individuals to allow both of you to possess any handguns which are co-registered. 
  • There is a downloadable co-registration form available on the pistol clerk website, or by contacting the pistol clerk.
  • The co-registration form requires both owner and co-registrant notarized signatures to be processed along with the required fee (see fee schedule).
  • If you do co-register handguns, make sure they are taken off all permits when the owner sells them.  You will need the name and address of the new owner.  There is a downloadable co-registration removal form available on the pistol clerk website, or by contacting the pistol clerk.
  • The co-registration removal form requires both owner and co-registrant notarized signatures to be processed along with the required fee (see fee schedule).


  • Report any change of address to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and the Delaware County Pistol Clerk within ten (10) days. (see fee schedule) Please contact the pistol clerk for any change of address, name change or occupation change for further instructions.
  • Amendments (changes required by buying/selling, address change, etc.) to handgun permits are done by mail or in person.

Death of a Licensee:

  • Upon the death of a permit holder, a family member must contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (607-832-5555) within 72 hours of the permit holder’s death for safe keeping of all handguns and to comply with the law.  The Sheriff’s Office will provide guidance and arrange to secure all the deceased permit holder’s handguns until the handguns can be placed on another family member’s permit or disposed of properly.  They may be retrieved from the Sheriff’s Office once they have been registered to another permit and proof is presented to the Sheriff’s Office.

Other States:

  • When carrying or possessing firearms in other states you must abide by their laws.  Check with the other state’s law enforcement agencies and appropriate U.S. Government authorities regarding regulations on your ability to carry prior to your visit.  The pistol clerk is not able to give guidance on other county and or state requirements.

Storage of Handguns and Firearms:

Stolen Handgun/Firearm:

  • Report stolen handguns to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office or the New York State police at once  (or nearest police agency).  If any of your handguns are stolen, you must also report it to the pistol clerk to make sure your records are corrected.

Transfer to Another County:

  • If you move into another county and wish to transfer your records to that county, please notify the pistol clerk and arrangements will be made to transfer your records.  It is not necessary to have your records transferred, but it is necessary for you to report your change of address.
  • If you move out of state, it is necessary to apply in that state for a pistol license, if it is required.  Non New York residents are not eligible to keep their New York State pistol permit, except under limited circumstances.  Contact the pistol clerk before moving out of state.

Transfer into Delaware County:

  • Contact the pistol clerk for instructions to transfer your pistol license into Delaware County from another New York State county. 
  • There is a transfer form and fee that is required.  The pistol clerk will provide further instructions upon your initial inquiry.

Responsible Firearm Storage is the Law in New York State

Firearms must either be stored with a gun locking device or in a safe storage depository or not be left outside the immediate possession and control of the owner or other lawful possessor if a child resides in the home or is present or possessor resides with a person prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law.

Firearms should be stored unloaded and locked in a location separate from ammunition.

Leaving firearms accessible to a child or other prohibited person may subject you to imprisonment, fine, or both.

Contact the Delaware County Pistol Clerk for Instructions/Forms Required for Transactions