Application Instructions & Forms

Reviewed/Revised: 09/02/2022

As of 9/1/2022, you will be REQUIRED to COMPLETE and SUBMIT a Delaware County Pistol Permit Application Packet to the Pistol Clerk prior to signing up and/or taking a Safety Training Course.

Please note: The application packet and individual forms can be obtained from the Forms page.

Please read all instructions before submitting an application.

What is required to apply for a pistol permit?

All items listed on the Pistol Application Checklist, MUST be turned in along with a copy of the checklist showing you have completed all requirements listed.  Once you start the process, you have 6 MONTHS to complete it. After 6 months, any invalid item will have to be replaced.  Please be sure to check off items as they are completed. A printable copy of the checklist and related forms can be found on the forms page.

Revised: 09/09/2022

Pistol Application Checklist

  • Two (2) copies of the application must be completely filled out in BLACK INK OR TYPED.  Your photo can be taken and signature can be notarized at the Pistol Clerk’s Office.
  • One (1) fingerprint receipt from IdentoGO.
  • Four (4) reference forms must be completely filled out, signed and notarized. The PHYSICAL ADDRESS and working phone number of the reference must be included. No PO Boxes will be accepted. A clear copy of the references driver’s license is required for each character reference.
  • One (1) NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption Form
  • One (1) copy of the applicant’s driver’s license or NYS Non-Driver ID
  • One (1) copy of all the applicant’s vehicle registration(s) in the applicant’s name only.
  • One (1) copy of current school tax bill indicating whether or not you have the Basic Star Program on the current property. If you rent the property or your name is not listed on the tax bill at the address given, then provide a Proof of Residency form. If you live at home with family members, you must provide a copy of their school tax bill and indicate whom the owners are.
  • If you live outside of New York State, include a copy of your firearms license from that state.
  • Call the Pistol Clerk at 607-832-5461 to set up an appointment to turn in the completed checklist with the required paperwork.

Special Note:

After your application packet clears the background check, you will be notified to schedule your required safety course. Please refer to safety course instructions.

IdentoGO Note:

IdentoGO U-Enroll requires a Service Code. The Delaware County Pistol Clerk’s service code is:


U Enroll

Please call the Pistol Clerk at 607-832-5461 to set up an appointment.