Who We Are

The executive and legislative authority of the County are joined in the legislative body, which exercise that function with a committee structure based on the functional areas of county government. Each committee or its chair exercises a certain amount of supervisory or administrative authority on behalf of the legislative body over the operational arrangements of the specific service or activity. The legislature may also delegate to its chair a substantial amount of administrative authority to be exercised on its behalf.

Who We Serve

The county is a municipal corporation with geographical jurisdiction, home rule powers and the fiscal capacity to provide a wide range of services to its residents.

About Us

Delaware County’s legislative board is identified as the Board of Supervisors. The board of supervisors consists of the supervisors of the towns within the county, who were elected solely as town officers at town elections, but who serve as ex officio county legislators.  Weighted voting provides that each legislator casts a decisive vote on legislation in the same ratio which the population of his or her constituency bears to the total population.