Delaware County

Weights & Measures

Page Avenue – PO Box 311
Delhi, NY 13753

V: 607-832-5800 Ext 5809
F: 607-832-6071

Director – Lynn Reed



The Mission

The mission of the Department of Weights and Measures is to promote equality in all commercial transactions based on weight or measure.

  • Do you ever wonder…?
    • If you really got ten gallons the last time you filled your car with gasoline?
    • If that premium gasoline really was 93 Octane?
    • If you really got a half a pound of corned beef last week at the deli?
    • If that package of corn flakes really had 20 ounces in it?

As of the January 2nd, 2013 board meeting resolution 10, the fee schedule for Weights and Measures Inspections is as follows:

“Serving the Residents of Delaware County…”