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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00pm.

For Public Assistance, please call (607)832-5231 or (607)832-5218 to request an application. When the completed application is submitted an interview time will be scheduled.

For SNAP, PA, and HEAP, you may apply on-line and a worker will call you to complete an interview.

    Mailing Address:

    111 Main Street, Suite 4
    Delhi, NY 13753


    Phone: 832-5300
    Fax (111 main): 832-6030
    Fax (99 main): 832-6033

    Office Locations:

    111 Main Street, Delhi, NY offers Assistance Programs including:

    SNAP (Food Stamps)MedicaidTemporary AssistanceHEAPNon Parent CaregiverFraud

    99 Main Street, Delhi, NY offers

        After Hours Contact

        After hours Delaware County Department of Social Services has an Emergency On-Call System. Individuals may contact the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department at (607) 832-5555 and request the DSS On-Call Caseworker for assistance. This service is available in crisis situations and has the ability to assess and assist clients at all times.