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A Service Officer is
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Our County Service Officer, a veteran in his own right. Knowledgeable of the complex and ever-changing laws, rules and regulations governing veterans benefits and programs, and experienced in compiling documents, supporting material and other information necessary to sustain a veterans’ claim, whether for a service-connected injury or illness, a disability pension, medical or mental health care, education, employment, vocational rehabilitation, housing loans, tax relief, nursing home care, burial or a variety of other entitlements earned through military service. We also recognize that the task of serving the veteran community is too vast and to important to be the singular domain of an governmental agency. We need every veterans’ organization; every veteran; every veterans’ mother, father, brother and sister, wife or husband, son or daughter, or another relative; friend and neighbor, helping to identify each and every veteran and veteran family that needs assistance. Please help us identify those that need our help.



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