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Veterans Service Agency

The Delaware County Veterans Service Agency, like other county veterans service agencies in the State of New York, was established under Executive Law 357 in 1945.

An agency with responsibility for administrating and coordinating a broad spectrum of federal, state, local and private veterans benefits and services affecting veterans and their families in Delaware County.




Veterans service on the local level began before 1887 when care of veterans and their families was administered by the G.A.R. As early as 1887, New York State law provided for the care of veterans under Town Law. Gradually, this service was extended under Town and County Law to provide for burial and financial relief of veterans and to establish a County Service Officer. The latter dates from about 1900 and remains a part of New York Law under Article 22 of the County Law.

In 1941 the New York State Conference on Veterans Social Work began a study of veteransí needs both in service and public assistance. After several years of conferences, a commission was employed to coordinate the studies and make recommendations to executive law which made mandatory a county veterans service agency and director in every county of the state, not wholly within a city and provided for city agencies as well.

Article 17, Section 357 of the New York State Executive Law enacted in 1945, requires the establishment and maintenance of a County Veterans Service Agency and the appointment of a Director of such agency in a county not wholly within a city. Such an agency has a duty to carry out broad policies established by the governing body. Itís personnel are locally appointed under the principle of Home Rule. In many counties the Director has the responsibility to carry out provisions of Section 148 of the General Municipal Law pertaining to burial of, and headstones for indigent veterans and members of their families. Agencies also have law mandated duty to inform members of the armed forces, veterans and members of their families in regard to matters pertaining to education, retraining, medical and other rehabilitative services and facilities; provisions of federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining thereto affording rights and privileges to such persons; employment and re-employment services, and other matters which may apply to them.


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