Delaware County Community Services

Request for Proposal
April 2024

BACKGROUND: The State Attorney General has negotiated opioid settlement payments for New York State and its counties. Payments to the counties began in 2022 including both one-time and recurring payments over a period of 18 years. Delaware County formed the Opioid Settlement Committee coordinated by the LGU for purposes of reviewing proposals from community stakeholders and allocating funds in accordance with identified approved uses (See Schedule C) and recommendations from the NYS Opioid Settlement Fund Advisory Board.

PLEASE NOTE: The Delaware County Opioid Settlement Committee (DCOSC) is proceeding with this grant program with the understanding that some components of the Opioid Settlement cases are still being finalized in court, and there may be additional funds to allocate towards proposals in the coming years. The DCOSC may modify or refuse to make awards based on the availability of funds. Approved initiatives requesting recurring funding will be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis based on availability of funds, impact/outcomes, and level of need.

PURPOSE OF REQUEST: To prepare to allocate these incoming funds towards innovative community efforts, the Delaware County Opioid Settlement Committee is soliciting proposals for programs, interventions, and initiatives that target prevention, treatment, and other strategies to combat the opioid crisis and other Mental Health and Substance Abuse (conditions, issues or problems) in Delaware County and support our local community members dealing with the effects of the opioid epidemic. Presentation of proposals are encouraged from not-for-profit, educational, and government entities/organizations.

For additional information please contact:
Doug Elson, LCSW-R, Director of Community Services,
607-832-5888 –

Please Submit Completed Proposals To:
Delaware County Opioid Settlement Committee
c/o Carolyn Whiteside
243 Delaware Street, Walton, NY 13856
Fax – 607-832-6080 Phone – 607-832-5888

· The application has two parts. Be sure to complete each part.
· Type all proposals (minimum 10 point).
· Provide all of the information in the order listed.
· All questions must be completed fully.
· Submit only one copy with numbered pages; do not bind or staple.

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