The mission of probation services is to reduce the incidence and impact of criminal behavior of juveniles and adults in the community. Accountability and opportunity are the dual pillars upon which the Probation Department operates in order to accomplish this mission. We hold people accountable for their actions, yet we also provide opportunities for individuals to turn their lives around and support their success. The Probation Department is committed to utilizing scientifically validated evidence-based practices and programs that have shown efficacy in reducing recidivism.


The Delaware County Probation Department oversees the Pretrial Release Program on behalf of the Delaware County Court as well as all town and village courts.  Subjects under pretrial release may be ordered by the court to maintain contact with the Probation Department or be under supervision during the pendency of their legal action.  Pretrial release conditions may include orders of protection, attendance and evaluation at the Behavioral Health Clinic, or participation in the electronic monitoring program.  A pretrial release case is terminated at the discretion of the ordering court or when a pending criminal action is dismissed or adjudicated. 

The Delaware County Probation Department manages the Community Service Program. Community Service is a sentencing option imposed by the court as an alternative sanction or a condition of probation, conditional discharge, ACD or release. Individuals ordered to perform community service must contact the Probation Department prior to beginning their work activities.


Individuals convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law §1192.2 or §1192.3) are required to install and maintain an Ignition Interlock Device in any motor vehicle they own or operate within ten days of being sentenced. The requirement to install an Ignition Interlock Device is a condition of a sentence of probation or a conditional discharge. The Ignition Interlock Device must be installed for a minimum of six months and can only be removed with the permission of the court or upon the termination of the sentence. Costs associated with installing and maintaining the Ignition Interlock Device may be entirely upon the convicted individual as determined by the sentencing court. The Delaware County Probation Department supervises all individuals sentenced to probation and monitors all conditional discharge cases who have been convicted of DWI.


Probation Department

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