New gun laws being implemented in NYS effective September 1, 2022 include: Making “NO CARRY” the default for private property, unless deemed permissible by property owners. Property owners who allow concealed carry will have to disclose with signage saying concealed carry is allowed on the premises.

** We have supplied such signage for you to print out and display below. **

Law § 265.01-d Criminal possession of a weapon in a restricted location- Class E Felony.

A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in a restricted location when such person possesses a firearm, rifle, or shotgun and enters into or remains on or in private property where such person knows or reasonably should know that the owner or lessee of such property has not permitted such possession by clear and conspicuous signage indicating that the carrying of firearms, rifles, or shotguns on their property is permitted or has otherwise given express consent.

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