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Weights & Measures




The mission of the Department of Weights and Measures is to promote equality in all commercial transactions based on weight or measure.

Do you ever wonder...?

  • If you really got ten gallons the last time you filled your car with gasoline?
  • If that premium gasoline really was 93 Octane?
  • If you really got a half a pound of corned beef last week at the deli?
  • If that package of corn flakes really had 20 ounces in it?
  • Most people take it for granted that the measurements that affect them every day of the year are accurate. Luckily for Delaware County, there is a dedicated county director who is a part of an official group of State and Municipal weights and measures officials working to assure measurement accuracy and thus promote a fair and equitable marketplace.

    Equality protects both buyer and seller. The buyer is assured that they get what they pay for and the seller is assured of a marketplace based on fair competition. New York's weights and measures program is a cooperative effort of State and local offices enforcing a single State law.

    The weights and measures programs are a critical part of New York State's infrastructure, protecting every consumer and every business.

    Delaware County’s Director annually inspects and tests hundreds of these type devices used in commercial applications.

    Some examples of inspected and tested devices include:

  • Computing scales at supermarkets, bakeries, delis, pharmacies and butcher shops.
  • Fuel pumps at gas stations, convenience stores and truck stops.
  • Heavy-duty vehicle scales at sand/gravel yards, recycling centers, scrap yards and the landfill.
  • Fuel oil trucks.
  • Farm bulk milk tanks.
  • Delaware County’s Department of Weights & Measures also participates in the New York State Petroleum Quality Program. This involves collecting over a 100 gasoline and diesel fuel samples yearly, on a random basis, throughout the County. These samples are then sent to a special contract laboratory for chemical testing. These tests assure that the fuel meets all appropriate quality standards and that fuel dispensers are properly labeled.

    Inspection Seals
    The next time you are at the grocery store or gas station, take a minute to notice the date stamped blue or yellow Delaware County Weights & Measures Inspection Seal on the computing scale or fuel pump. This seal indicates that the device has been inspected, tested and is accurate. Most importantly, it guarantees that you are getting what you pay for.

    Questions / Complaints
    Delaware County’s Department of Weights & Measures will respond to consumer questions or complaints regarding short weight or measure, or motor vehicle fuel quality; by investigation and/or testing as the situation demands. If you have questions or comments, please contact the director.