Senator Charles D. Cook County Office Building
111 Main Street, Suite 1
Delhi, New York 13753
Telephone: 607-832-5110
Fax: 607-832-6011

Tina B. Molé, Chairman
Christa M. Schafer, Clerk

February 17, 2021

Delaware County is working with New York State, our local health care providers and local pharmacies to administer as many vaccinations each week as we can. Each authorized group that can provide vaccinations receives a limited supply of vaccine each week. To date Delaware County Public Health has vaccinated 613 people and will continue to vaccinate 1B essential workers. Beginning the week of February 15, 2021 public health will also be vaccinating people 65 and older with comorbidities. People over the age 65 can call the Delaware County Office for the Aging at 607-832-5750 to schedule an appointment at a Public Health Clinic.

Vaccine will continue to be available for people over 65 at pharmacies and state mass vaccination sites. Hospitals and state run mass vaccination sites are also accepting appointments for individuals with comorbidities beginning February 15, 2021. Pharmacies have been designated to vaccinate residents 65 and older throughout the country. They are distributed directly to the pharmacies from the federal government and are not included in the state distribution plan. Please call your local pharmacy and check websites to see when they will be receiving vaccine. CVS in Margaretville and Walgreens in Sidney, Delhi and Stamford are all registered vaccination sites.

Currently there are no state run vaccination sites located in Delaware County, with the closest ones being located at SUNY Binghamton or SUNY Albany. You must register for appointments at these sites through the NYS DOH webpage We are encouraging every eligible Delaware County resident to seek an appointment to get vaccinated. We are also speaking with our state and federal representatives on a regular basis expressing the need for vaccine in Delaware County to accommodate our population.

We are committed to getting Delaware County fully reopened and back to some level of normalcy. In the meantime please keep wearing face coverings when in public, practice social distancing and prepare to get vaccinated once you are eligible.

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